November 7th 2009 Day 20 of the Yatra

Sunrise in Vibhooti is quite a sight, really. As the sun rises between two hills, the amber glow caress Maruti bathing him in an effulgent glow.  I can’t explain it any more, you will just have to come and see!!

After breakfast and a quick break, we came together for a conducted tour of Vibhooti.  Ther is an industry size kitchen with all latest top-notch facilities was very impressive.  Steam cooking using solar power not only makes is eco-friendly, but also health-friendly as well

Air conditioned auditorium “Sudhama” which seats 1008 people and many more smaller conference rooms in the conference center are equipped with top of the line a/v facilities.

The Pranava Ganesh Mandir at the top of the property is under construction, coming together in the next few years. The views from the there are quite wonderful. Swami Mitrananda lead his team of Yuva Veers last year on a hike up the tall hills behind, planting an Indian flag, watched by the curious villagers.
Chinmaya Vibhooti is Chinmaya Mission’s vision and resource centre. It spans 70 acres of serene, picturesque landscape surrounded by the Sahyadri mountains. It is situated in Kolwan Village, between Mumbai and Pune.

Chinmaya Vibhooti is a tribute to Pujya Gurudev from his disciples and devotees. It aims at keeping his teachings and vision vibrant throughout the world by empowering and training Mission workers.
Facilities at Chinmaya Vibhooti include:
-Temples to Hanumanji and Pranava Ganesha

-Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan — An exhibit depicting Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda’s life, work, and teachings through various art mediums, including interactive technology
-Sudharma Hall – a vast 1008-seat auditorium

-Chinmaya Amphitheatre – open-air auditorium with a seating capacity of 2,000, overlooking Ananda Sarovara, or the Lake of Bliss
-Chinmaya Swagatam – administrative complex and reception area
-Chinmaya Naada Bindu School of Indian Music and Dance
-Residential complex finally for up to 2000 people
-Camp sites

After the tour, we had a satsang with Guruji where he answered our questions.  He outlined his plans for Chinmaya Viibhooti, and summarized it as “Vision, Inspiration and Performance”.
In the afternoon, we went to see Chinmaya Jeevan Darshan.  It is a must see – and it is really hard for anyone to do justice to CJD through pictures, video or writings, it is to be experienced.  It left me speechless!
We moved on to Paduka Pooja and Violin recital by Kala Ramnath followed right after.  Tabla was by Vishwanath Shirodhkar.  Air conditioning did not work in the Sudhama hall, and Guruji noted during his speech that we sat in the “conditioned air” hall instead of “air conditioned” hall for the recital.
Posting this again from the moving bus, so pardon the dust!!!

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