November 8th 2009 Day 21 of the Yatra

We had an early start at the Chinmaya Maruti Mandir where the Prabhavali installation (aura behind the idol of Lord Hanuman) was done.
The Prabhavali signifies the divine halo and is a beautiful ornament to the Rakshak Maruti, which is the Prathista at Chinmaya Marruti. The installation ceremony with Vedic Chants was graced by Vayu Bhagwan who caressed the entire event with a strong breeze throughout.
After breakfast we headed back to the Mandir. Guruji then lead us in chanting the Haniman Chalisa in different ragas interspersed with stories on Hanuman in between. Each story lead into the next of the seven recitations of the Hanuman Chalisa.  All through the Lord Pavan was howling around us, definitely pleased to see His son adorning the Prabhavali.
The Hanuman chalisa lead us directly into the Maha aarathi and Paduka pooja.  Guruji said the Sankalpa for the Padukapooja, was thanking Gurudev for the successful completion of the Chinmaya Dham Yatra. When we started the Yatra we had invoked His blessings for a safe and successful Yatra and now it was time to thank Him.
The lunch and rest passed quietly when people started making plans about day after tomorrow about return trips.
Evening Satsang with Guruji was about Sant Kabir Das and his compositions.  Guruji sang the composition and expounded them.  “Go back to your abode, where no distinction of any type exist” and “see God in everyone, beggar and the rich man”.
Paduka pooja was followed by a heavenly Harmonium recital by Smt. Seema Shirodhkar, where Sri Vishwanath Shirodhkar accompanied her on the Tabla.
After dinner, Guruji received us in his Kutia for informal Satsang and the Yatris offered their Gurudakshina.  We had fun taking turns on photo ops with Gurujii. This dream-like Chinmaya Dham Yatra is coming to an end.  Tomorrow we conclude by going to Kolhapur to visit Chinmaya Ganadhish.

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