October 22 Uttarkashi

Guruji gave us a discourse on the four verses of Tapovan Stuti composed spontaneously while he was posted in San Jose in 1989.
Tapovan Stuti is a personification of the virtue of renunciation found in Swami Tapovan Maharaj. Sanyas Dharma reached its pinnacle in him.
At 10am we went for a dip in the Ganges at the confluence of two rivers Aasi and Bhageerathi and refreshed our spirits. Guruji was the first one to make a dip followed by everybody else.
Lunch was at the ashram of Mata Brahmajyoti or Babaji as she is fondly called. She has been witness to Chinmaya Mission’s entire Guru Shishya Parampara. She knew Swami Taponvanji Maharaj well; Gurudev considered her his younger sister; and Guruji always pays his respects to her when he visits Uttarkashi. She has deep closeness and a very high regard for Guruji. During her satsang, she likened Gurudev to Veda Vyasa.
Swami Mitranandaji shared his experiences on yatras as a powerful means of self purification in the evening satsang.
Many of the yatris were invited to sing bhajans with Guruji.
The bhajan session ended with prayer song addressed to God and Guru, Prarthana Geetham composed by Guruji.

3 Replies to “October 22 Uttarkashi”

  1. varsha14 said…
    Hari Om

    Subhaji thank you very much for creatig this blog and allowing all who could not go for yatra with Guruji. I feel vey much part of this yatra.

    Hari Om
    Pujya Guruji

    All lucky devotees who are enjoying Divine experince with our guruji. I am so happy to see and read about your journey. Enjoy every moment with our guruji.You all really blessed.
    prem and Om
    Varsha ( Melbourne)

    October 24, 2009 2:19 AM

  2. Jai Shri Krushna,
    Do you have apic of Sri babaji (Mata Brahamajyoti) which you cans end me?

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