October 25th Sidhbari

We started our day with a morning satsang at  7:30 am, with Pujya Guruji at Gurudev’s Kutia.  Guruji started off by introducing Shivaramji, fondly called as “Babaji”.  He started serving Gurudev at the age of 22 and continuing on for more than 5 decades.  Babaji tells us that Gurudev has never left us, he is always here, and I felt that when he spoke those words they were indeed true.
Guruji then described the history of the Dhauladhar Mountains and its spiritual relevance. He further elaborated the details of Kapila Muni Gufa(cave) as wells  history of Sidhbari(valley of the Siddhas), wherein our ashram is located.  Kapila Muni is one of the 24 Vishnu Avtars and was a Siddha who said to have given the absolute knowledge to his mother Devhuti near the Kapila Gufa.  Devhuti then merged back into the absolute and a rivulet was formed which is there even today.
Guruji also talked about the history of the Sidhbari Ashram.
At 9:30 am, we went to the CORD office which is a short distance away, where we were given a detailed presentation of all the programs and activities of CORD by Padmashree, Dr. Kshama Metre and her team, followed by a tour.  We were split into 3 groups for the tour of the center’s activities.  Not one person left untouched by the impact the CORD has made to thousands of people around the villages and its contribution to the sustainable local economy that has developed in the villages leading to even reverse migration from the cities.
Reviewing the details, CORD Sidhbari has touched the lives of over 55,000 beneficiaries directly, and over 2,75,000 indirectly, in over 561 villages of 12 Blocks in District of Kangra and a few villages in District Hamirpur.  CORD has recently begun replicating its work at two sites in Orissa (Deuladhia & Lathikatta) and two sites in Tamil Nadu (Tamaraipakkam & Siruvani).  (Please see websites www.cordusa.org and www.cord.org.in for more information about CORD).
We returned for the Paduka pooja conducted by Sharadaji.  It was wonderful to see how the students of the Vedanta course welcomed Guruji into the Paduka pooja venue with elaborate chanting.
Many of our Yatris made a short trip McLeod Ganj  where HH Dalai Lama’s monastery is located.
In the evening, Guruji introduced Dr. Dwarakanath, Chinmaya Mission, Boston and Dr. Pillai, Chinmaya Mission, Los Angeles and requested them to talk about their experiences with Gurudev and the Mission. The heartfelt stories and life changing moments they shared with us touched everyone.
After dinner, there was a total change of scene when Dr. Dwarakanath showed his theatrical skills as a comedian by doing a “Manisha roast”, leaving us in stitches.

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  1. Shubha, I can't thank you enough for posting this blog. May you always feel HIS presence within you. Hari Om, -Arvind Washington DC

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