October 26th Sidhbari

The inspiration and excitement of the CORD visit from the previous day was still very much with us. Dr. Kshama Mhetre and Guruji hosted a Q&A session for all the Yatris on CORD.
Guruji described the attitude with which service should be performed (a hidden satsang!), and then went on to describe how various training programs were being added to the Mission, including a Samaj Sewa training course to train volunteers to go and serve the local population under CORD. Many of the Yatris had several questions about the activities of CORD – their amazement and curiosity could not be contained. We met Nicole, a trainee form Canada, who has come under a CIDA program and Usha Rao, a junior in college, from New Jersey who is volunteering and learning at CORD.
Under Dr. Dwarakanath’s encouragement and enthusiasm, the momentum built, and by the end of the 90 minute session, the Yatris from the different centers from different parts of the world committed to supporting the cause personally and through their centers.  In the span of a few minutes at the end, we secured commitments of $ 500,000 for CORD!!
This is the true Chinmaya spirit of sacrifice and service, giving more than what we take and producing more than what we consume. May Gurudev’s grace and blessings always shine down on us!
After lunch, 24 yatris departed from Sidhbari for New Delhi. Swami Mitranandji was with this group. Guruji stayed behind with the other yatris.
Some of us made a hike to the Kapila Guha and paid respects to Devhuti rivulet.  It is a mystical place with small stone images lining up against the woods.
As the day passed the mountains were ornamented with the first dusting of snow glittering atop the Dhauladhar Mountains leaving a white sheen.  Sharadaji pointed out to me the Shiva and Parvati ranges behind Gurudev’s Samadhi stal.  Shiva looked white and majestic in the background and Parvati followed the same silhouette in the front in dark color.
Following the evening Aarti and Paduka Puja, we had a brief Kirtan and Satsang session with Guruji. Many brahmacharis/brahmacharinis attended too, and they sang bhajans in various languages. In taking a census of the brahmachari students, we realized that many had come from different states (including non-Hindi speaking) to study here.
Guruji asked the entire audience a question for us to reflect upon– “How many of us truly enjoy our work and how many consider it a burden?”. He went on to explain how the secret of enjoying work was to do the work for someone we love, and that should be God. If we dedicate all our work to Him, then all our work becomes a joy.

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