October 27 Sidhbari to Bangalore

We had a late start for the day, some of us went for a walk and cherished the waning moments of our stay at Sidhbari while others tried to cram all the things they bought at Guru Kripa and Guru Dhara (outlets for the products made by the villagers and differently-abled beneficiaries of CORD) into their overstuffed bags.
We participated in the Guru Paduka Pooja in Gurudev’s Kutia after breakfast and went back to stuffing the bags and for taking another look at the bookstore.
After an early lunch, we went to the airport to board the chartered flight for Delhi. The majestic Himalayas waved us goodbye. We got a warm welcome in the Delhi airport by our Delhi CM devotees and the 24 yatris who came early.
The airlines helped us transfer from the charter to jet airways and we took off to Bangalore.
Right from 1956, when Gurudev held his first yajna in Bangalore, the city has been one of the most active centers on the Chinmaya world map.
We landed in Bangalore with much anticipation and enthusiasm at the end of the day, welcomed by many local members. We stayed at Hotel Ramanashree, owned by a Chinmaya mission trust member, where we received a warm and loving welcome by Swamijis, Brahmacharis and devotees and the owner.

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  1. It is great to follow along on Chinmaya Dham Yaatra! Can't wait for the next time, when I can join the group with Guruji.
    Thanks Subha for letting us follow along. I have some questions for you when you return.
    Convey my Pranams to Guruji.
    With Prem and Om,

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