Prthvi Utsav 2023

Join us to celebrate Earth Day on Saturday Apr 22, 2023 from 1 pm to 4:30 pm at Chinmaya Haridwar.

We have fun and informative activities planned for all ages. Some of the activities you can participate in are:

  • Vegan Baking: Do you have great baking skills? Or maybe you’ve never baked before, but wanted to give it a try! Now’s your chance to compete in our second annual vegan baking competition! Please bake something for at least 24 people and we will have a live judging process. Attendees will also get to try the baked goods. Please do not include any dairy, eggs, or honey in the item you decide to bring.  Include a short description of your item, and list of ingredients used.
  • Forum: Wondering how to make a practical impact in your community? Join the Prithvi Utsav Forum. Here we will discuss solutions to problems we all face in a community-centered way. We hope to come to some solutions and we invite you to come help make them!
  • Quiz: Test your knowledge of sustainability and environment in our Jeopardy-style quiz show. We will match you up into teams.
  • Art Exhibition: Bring your masterpieces, and let’s have an exchibition! 
    • Categories are:
      1. Painting: Use sustainable colors like water colors, food colors, color pencils or any other water soluable paints. Avoid using acrylic and oil paints.
      2. Pottery/Clay modeling: The model made should be able to convey art or sustainable fashion, and not harmful to environment. Use any air dry clay that is safe for use by kids, and is biodegradable. Avoid using metallic colors or toxic substances. List the ingredients used in making the pottery or clay models.
      3. Poster: Use a tri-fold poster board to make an informational poster on the topics below.
      4. 3D modeling/Diorama: Made of cardboard, Lego, paper, plastic or non-hazardous materials. Design should be safe around kids. No fire bigger than a small candle/lighter. No electric connection, expect using a power adapter. No extreme heat. If the model contains moving parts, they should be firmly attached. Avoid all possibilities of something flying away and hurting people around you.
    • Topics you can choose to represent:
      • How to increase oxygen circulation in homes; Building a terrarium (biosphere); Effect of sound on environment; Cleansing water bodies; Reducing carbon footprint; Reusing and recycling in daily life; Bees’ help in pollination; Impact of GMO on humans and animals; Saving soil; Forest conservation.

    Are you interested in participating in any of the following activities?
    For any questions, please contact