Ramanavami Celebrations! 04/20/2024 at 10 AM

Date: April 20, 2024
Time: Add to Calendar 10 AM
Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” 3551 NE John Olsen Ave
Open to all

Hari OM!

We invite you and your family to come and participate in the Ramanavami celebration at Chinmaya Mission Portland!

About Ramanavami:

Humans live in communities with the intention to help each other by protecting each other. “Dharma protects him who protects it,” clarifies that our life is bound by Dharma. RAMA stands for this principle of Dharma, the power of protection. He is portrayed with a bow and arrow to show that he is ready to protect the noble from all dangers.

Power is safe only in the hands of those who are selfless. LAKSHMANA represents the value of being selfless. He served his brother RAMA every day for many years, even leaving aside his own family and other comforts of life.
Protection is to maintain peace. SITA represents this peace that is maintained when everyone is well-protected. She also represents prosperity which is a natural outcome of a peaceful community.

Love is a must to unite one human with another. When this love is directed towards God it becomes divine love – devotion. HANUMAN represents this divine love that united SITA with RAMA, SUGREEVA with RAMA, VIBHEESHANA with RAMA, and also BHARATA with RAMA

RAMA PARIVAAR represents all the important values that we should possess to enjoy a divinely human life. May the Lord’s grace be with us to emulate these noble values. SRI RAM JAYA RAM JAYA JAYA RAM!

Come, participate in the celebrations, and rock baby Shree Rama to sleep!

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