Sunday, November 1 – Day 14 of the Yatra

We set off from Chennai to Coimbatore via Jet Airways, It was short uneventful flight, almost completely filled with the Yatris.
We were welcomed at Coimbatore airport by Swami Swaroopananda, Swamini Vimalananda and Brahmachari Ajit Chaitanya. After about an hour’s bus ride the Ved-Putras (students of the Purohit course) and the other Brahmacharis welcomed Guruji, Swami Mitranandaji and the Yatris at the scenic Chiinmaya Gardens, the ashram at Siruvani.
Chinmaya Gardens is 26 km away from Coimbatore, nestled in the foothills of the Siruvani range of the Western Ghats. The ashram and CIR school are spread over 100 acres of lush, green land. Chinmaya Gardens is a temple of spiritual wisdom, giving solace to the body, mind and soul.
Regular camps, yajnas and classes are conducted at the ashram with the help and guidance of Swamini Vimalananda and other acharyas.
The Dhyana Nilayam (Satsang Hall) is an exquisitely designed meditation hall for over 100 people with audio and conference facilities. It also houses the library with an exclusive collection of books on Vedanta and Indian culture.
The ashram is also a Pitamaha Sadan (Senior Citizen Home). It gives senior citizens a peaceful environment for reflection and meditation.
The ashram has also set up the Chinmaya Vaidik Vidyapeetha to conduct the Purohita Course where priests are trained to perform rituals with understanding.
The ashram has its own goshala, paddy fields, coconut groves, orchards, vegetable gardens and crops, and thus is totally self sufficient.
At 5:00 pm we had Satsang with Swamini Vimalananda who is the head of the CCMT educational cell as well as the Chinmaya Vision Program, the apex body which oversees and guides the numerous Vidyalyas distributed throughout India and the West Indies presented the history of the educational movement. A wonderful presentation on the “Chinmaya Vision Program” followed. This is the bedrock which nurtures the growth of the student and the teacher in complete Holistic manner. Swaminiji reiterated that this is not a superficial cosmetic makeover but rather a core change developing strong values and understanding Indian Culture while obtaining a top class education.
At 6:15 pm, we had an Aarathi and Puja at the Ganesh Mandir, led by Brahmachari Samvit Chaitanya, Acharya of the Purohit course leading the Ved_putras. The evening air was filled with the divine mantras for the Lord. Following this we met at the Satsang Hall, where Guruji started off the Satsang by describing the difference between Aarti (Sanskrit) and Aarati. The former means distress and the latter removes distress.
Swamini Vimalalnada then described the history of the mission activities in Coimbatore and its environs. Gurudev first conducted a yagna 1954 and numerous times there after including during his 60th birthday. She narrated the story of how Swami Sahajananda did a Padayatra collecting only one rupee from each individual to help buy the beautiful Ashram at Chinmaya Gardens.
Pujya Guruji released Swami Brahmananda’s Gita Chapter 10 chanting learning aid (booklet and audio aid) which will be the chapter for Gita chanting competition for 2010.

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  1. Thank you for posting the CDY blog, and posting so many pictures for the world to see… it feels like we are all on the pilgrimage, and
    able to partake in some small way in the world of Gurudev and Guruji, and those of you who are able to follow them…

    Br Eric

  2. Pranams to All, Here is my dream! A travel-log /narration of this Yatra be published in a book form. A great way for all of us to know the teachings that Pujya Guruji demonstrates by living this great Knowledge himself- even under most challengeing circumstances. All the Yatris are wittnessing it, am sure.
    A memoir of all these incidences, anecdotes that we learn even by just watching Pujya Guruji would be great! All the Yatris are fortunate to be in the divine company and each one am sure is trying to absorb as much as possible. Pujya Guruji being a living encyclopedia of how to be kind and efficient, perfectionist as well as loving, scholarly, humurous, simple, and much much more all at the same time! A book with narrations and pictures would have potential to elevate and transcend us in a unique way. – Arvind

  3. Hari Om.

    A Million Thanks to Subha ji for this great seva. Rare are those who share their joys with the world. Commendable effort. I really feel I am part of this Yatra…. Thanks to technology and thanks to Subha ji again and again.

    May His perennial grace and blessings be recognized by all. May we be able to 'follow' HIM ever…

    Prem and Pranams,
    (: atharvana 🙂

  4. Thank you for your kind wishes 🙂
    Arvindji, we have talked to someone who will be able to do the travelogue. Good suggestion!

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