Wednesday, November 4 – Day 17 of the Yatra

The day started with Satsang with Swami Advayanandaji, the resident Acharya at CIF.  He gave us an overview of the multitude of programs and activities CIF offers.

CIF’s academic programs and projects include:
 – Advanced pure research at the doctoral and post-doctoral level – One of the projects nearing completion is the critical edition of the Brahma Sutras with Sankara Bhashya with English translation and notes
– Development of Sukti-sudha, a compilation of proverbs from Sanskrit literature and Vada-kosha, a compendium of Indian philosophical tenets, are some of the other ongoing areas of research.
– Compilation and popularization Sansk-net, a national network data base of Sanskrit classics is another area of work.
– Applied research in the form of Sanskrit and Vedanta home study courses through mail and the Internet offers an opportunity for individuals to easily initiate studies in Sanskrit and Vedanta.
– Exploring and facilitating the collection, preservation, digitalization and publication of rare palm-leaf and other manuscripts
– Anusaraka or Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a next level English to Hindi translation software which allows for recognition of the right context of speech along with appropriate suggestions taking into account usage scenarios
– Mastering Matrimony – The Chinmaya Art of Home Life – a manual for guidance to householders and marriage counseling based on the Indian scriptures.

We got a conducted tour of the library and were lead to the manuscript room.  It was fascinating to see the manuscripts from centuries back lining up the shelves and learning about the process of preserving and archiving them made us feel socially conscious.

Next, we were captivated by Brahmachari Gagan Chaitanya, with his versatile skills, and using these many talents, he elucidated the past and future of the easy Sanskrit online course.

Manisha Makecha (Yuva Veer) and Shivani then explained the new CIF website and Anusaarika project.  (Please visit their revamped website for more information about CIF.)
The chuttuvilakku and Paduka pooja set against a drizzly evening rounded out the evening.

Guruji’s satsang followed, where he talked about the similarities in the lives of Adi Shankaracharya and Gurudev.

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  1. I know its a lot of work, especially in the hectic travel schedule to keep this blog uptodate and load picture. But please be assured several of us are feeling being with you all and I salute your dedication to avail this Satsang to us. Hari Om and Pranams to all, – Arvind

  2. thank you, shubhaji. DO comment on how Guruji is weaving all the places you visit onto a commentary on Pujya Gurudev's life.

    Also, even if it is done later, do post anecdotes about Gurudev that Guruji talks about. I always find that this has an sweet, intimate quality to it that is special.

  3. Good suggestions, Pujya Guruji and others at each dham have provided us with a lot of information and we have documented them. So we can add information later
    thank you

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