Symbolism in Hinduism – 5th Grade

Aru Mahapatra, Suraj Varma & Ambili Ramakrishnan

 This year in 5th grade we learnt about symbolism of many deities that represent the Lord who is present everywhere along with that of festivals and traditions. The use of symbols for worship is meant to make the mind single pointed whereby we gain the same qualities of the ideals we revere.

We learnt the 16 step puja, Sri Ganesha Pancharatnam Stotram and Shiva Panchakshara Stotram which the kids presented to their parents. And this year for the first time kids also learnt Sri Rama Stuti.

It was a fun year with stories, games, class skits on Ramleela, dandia Dance and the building of their personal shiva linga.

Having been a Bala Vihar Teacher for 7 years and a 5th grade teacher for 2 years, it still feels like it is a journey of learning from and with the children. Hoping that with Gurudev’s blessing we will continue to be a part of this guru shishya parampara and strive to better ourselves.