Guru Purnima

Guru Purnima:

A wonderful occasion to pay obeisance to our guru who showed us the path and always guides us through one’s spiritual journey. Each year we celebrate this day renewing our spiritual vows and re-dedicating ourselves at his lotus feet seeking blessings for the journey ahead of us.

Summer Camps

Summer simmers with activities once the hustle bustle of the school year settles in. Last summer our youth group amped up the ante with a series of Camps spanning a wide variety of service camps. These camps are testament to what our youth channeled with right focus and seeds of service sown can achieve.They carefully thought though and efficiently planned various camps harnessing the amazing talents within Chinmaya Family. Pictures speak louder than words!!!!

Public Speaking Camp:

Medical Camp:


First Lego League Camp:


Indian culture celebrates celebrate Life with a tapestry of festivals around the clock. We at Chinmaya mission embraces this with full fervor and unabated enthusiasm with CM family members of all walks of life and all ages joining hands to enjoy every moments of it. Here is a glimpse of our trip down the memory lane….through these pictures.

New Year’s Ganesh Pooja

Karwa Chauth



Maha Shivarathri

Acharya Visits

Chinmaya Mission is a vibrant World wide organization with many who dedicated their lives for the service of humanity carrying the light of inspiration and living the motto of  realizing ‘ Maximum Happiness to Maximum People for the Maximum Time’ as their lives goal. Each year we are fortunate to meet with a few of those blessed souls visiting and sharing the words of wisdom and fountain of Love. Here are some pictures of these cherished moments last year…


Mukhya Swamiji Swaroopanada Visit:

Swami Shivatmananda:

Acharya Vivek Gupta:

Swami Chidatmananda:

Swamini Akhilananda :

Growth – Way of Life!

Chinmaya mission family is always growing, hence we need to accommodate the growing needs physically too. We are at a point where our current home ‘Haridwar’ space is getting constrained and fortunately our corner unit became available for purchase with Gurudev’s grace. We had to jump into this window of opportunity and the CMP board got into action! We purchased that unit! Now we have to pay….and here comes another opportunity to raise some funds, apart for the generous contributions from several Chinmaya Family members and well wishers. Glimpses of the Fundraiser event- TRANCE by Shobana!

And Many More

Hustle bustle of the First Day of Balavihar!


India Day Participation


Janmashtami Celebrations

Janmashtami is the day Lord Krishna was born. People visit Krishna temples on this day, conduct Puja and have a whole day of celebration. Krishna Janmashtami is an important festival which is celebrated with great fervor at Chinmaya Haridwar.


Gift for the needy.

 Every month volunteers from Chinmaya mission get together and cook a sumptuous meal for the most needy in our society. This is a wonderful experience for all involved and typically we get more volunteers than we can accommodate! Activities include collecting donations from local bakery, shopping and bulk cooking and delivery and serve.