2018 Balavihar Graduates Reflections

Transcribed by Krishnan Kolady & Sudhir Menon
12th Grade teachers


Aleena Khurana:

While I may not have attended Balavihar as long as others here, I still learnt a lot in the four years that I have been here. Probably the biggest lesson that I will take away is the ability to self-reflect and look inwardly on my actions. Knowing my actions have consequences, and how to move forward and drive forward to a higher level.

Ankita Krishnamurthy:

I have been in Balavihar practically my whole life. Feels like I have been watching these graduation ceremonies forever and it seems weird to be standing up here for my graduation. Here at Balavihar, I appreciate the fact that nobody is afraid to ask questions, or debate ideas and as a result, I ended up learning a lot more.  Chinmaya mission has allowed me to my own person and someone who is true to my values.

Deepak Vijay:

I started and enjoyed Balavihar from 6/7th grade onwards.  Whenever I bring a question to my class in Balavihar, the feedback and perspective that I get from the teachers and other students ends up being extremely helpful. High school can be stressful and I have found that whenever I come to Balavihar and leave for the day, I find that I am much more at peace with myself

Gokul Kolady:

Ever since I’ve been young, Balavihar has been part of my life and my weekly routine, and I don’t think I ever really understood the true significance and the potential impact that it would have on my life until I grew older and actually started applying the things I was learning in class. Like all, I make mistakes but what Balavihar has taught me is to learn from them and apply them as lessons in the future. Instead of regretting the past and worrying about the future, you have to learn from the past and apply it to the future.

Kapil Varma:

I have seen us growing from 2-room-community center to MJCC to our own center, and even expanding like we did recently. The best part of Chinmaya Mission is the community that we have built together. To me this is family, an extension of my family. Chinmaya mission is a great experience and to all the students out here, I’d recommend that you stick with it. You are really going to enjoy the journey, the things that you learn and the connections that you make here.

Karthik Vijay:

Balavihar has taught me how to be part of the community, have a moral compass,  great appreciation of our culture and values that will stay with me for a long time. Home is not just a place which provides shelter. It is a place where you feel you belong, and here at Balavihar I feel like it is home

Prateek Makineni:

Balavihar has taught me how to be a good person and also how to be happy. I have learned how to deal with obstacles and challenges and I have learned to become a much more introspective person. I feel that we are prepared to deal with any challenges because of the tools and guide rails that Balavihar has given us over the years.

Rahul Reddy:

Chinmaya Mission has taught me to be more confident about myself. It has taught me to give back more to the community than what they have given to me. Worry, anger and stress seems to be the default mode for many people. A little compliment or conversation will to a long way to make them feel like someone cares and it may even allow them to change their life.

Yesh Godse:

We have gone from coming here because our parents forced us to now learning and trying to understand abstract concepts like Maya and the Mahakavyas and this transformation was possible only because of BalaVihar. They say that it takes a village to raise a child, but Balavihar and Chinmaya Mission are much more than just a village. It is a large extended family that I feel I am a part of .

Message to Graduates

Ramesh Krishnamurthy

My Dear Graduates,

As you graduate from Balavihar, and later, in less than a month, as you graduate from High School, you are going onto another stage in your life with a step larger than any you have taken till now. Seeing you all grow through the years, I have several, maybe many many, things I want to talk to you about. However, I am choosing just three of them.
First, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Sometimes these dreams are what your passion and goals are made of. Even if it appears to be a difficult time, or challenging time, or just plain stressful – hang on. All these situations are temporary and they will eventually subside. Keep going, and going, and going.

Second, make time for all the other activities that are pure fun and play. Time, unfortunately, won’t be something in lots of supply when you are in college. Study will consume as much time as you can put in to it. In spite of that, make sure you make time for fun and games, those that you enjoy, help you relax and feel being happy. Whether it is a sport, art, hobby or just plain spending time with good friends. Manage your time well to include all of these.
Lastly, don’t forget your roots. Don’t let go of the friendships you have here back at home. Don’t forget your childhood friends. Don’t forget your teachers, from elementary to high school, your music dance and sports teachers, and your Balavihar teachers. Don’t forget your aunts, uncles and the community here that you have been with till now.

Just assure yourself that everyone of us, those present and those that are not, will always be wishing you well, praying for your continued success and cherishing you in all endeavors that you are going to pursue.

I love you.

May 2018