Contemplating on What Makes Me Happy

Seema Nema

On the way of knowing subjective science could’t realize that a part of me is changing slowly just like a growing child.  There is a constant change of habits, attitudes and knowledge. Every jignasu has to pass through these stages. If we progress towards Bhagwaan by one step, he comes forward four steps nearer to us and guide us at each every step through one or more persons.

All Credit goes to Entire Guru shishya parampara for guiding me to this Royal Path of “Vedanta”.

My heart blooms like a lotus when lord’s name(through music) or katha goes through my ears. Now I can listen the lord’s name with music whole day tirelessly. It makes my mind thoughtless. By finding Bhagwaan and purpose in all the activity, my perspective at every activity has changed.

When my mind is absorbed(as a worship) in any responsibility or activity, which comes as a character of gruhastha: cooking, cleaning, driving for kids, helping friends, work from home, etc. gives me full satisfaction/contentment.

“When Any painful changes come in the life, Bhagwaan makes sure that his Grace (Krupa) reaches before to his Devotee” ~ unknown.

Reading vedantic books, thinking about them whole day and writing my thoughts,  just like like picking the flowers ( words) from the garden of scriptures and making a beautiful garland (writing Poetry or small articles in HINDI). It gives me tremendous joy.

Silence of aloneness and private meeting with Bhagwaan in the early morning with the chirping birds Music in the background, makes me cheerful for the whole day.

Spreading happiness through my tiny spa, Transforming ladies (who are the roots and pillars for home-my perspective) physically and mentally, as a little seva, makes each day worth living. I pray that my hands can give tranquility and some rest to them.

Conclusion — neither circumstances nor  articles can give me Happiness.  It is my relation and correct connection with these, that can provide me joy, which can come from only me. That means if external things goes away, I still have happiness, as I am Happiness.

Praying and holding on to Bhagwaan to bless me to abide in happiness. Being one with the lord requires constant sadhna. Just as we don’t forget the three meals in a day, we must not forget to repeat the name of lord many times a day.

राम राम रटते रहो जब लक घट में प्राण।

कभी तो दीनदयालु के भनक पड़ेगी कान ।।

सीमा नेमा