Mind- A bundle of Vasanas

Geetha Nathan

The mind -intellect equipment of an individual functions through his body in the world outside, per the traits chalked out upon it by the actions performed in its earlier lives. These channels of thinking cut across the fields of the mind and determine the direction of its thoughts and the texture of its actions in the present. These lacerations on the subtle body are called “SINS” in Vedanta or as the “DIRT OF THE WITHIN“. These impurities are removed and the existing ulcers are healed through selfless action.

But even while rejecting the wrong negative tendencies of the mind, the individual will have to fill it with new patterns of constructive divine tendencies. These meritorious vasanas(PUNYA) can also provide severe obstruction for a man of meditation.

During the still moments of peace in the depth of his depths, when he exposes his mind to the thrilled atmosphere of its vibrant silence, the Noble Traits also get completely wiped off.

A state of mind which is rendered completely impressionless(Vasanaless) is the end of mind. Where mind has ended, there EGO has also ended, having THEN REACHED THE HIGHEST GOAL or gained Self-Rediscovery.

Pujya gurudev constantly reminds us to constantly strive and make the best of out of the opportunity presented in this life.

Right now, this very life is our LAST BIRTH, if we have a taste to meditate, an urge to seek, a daring to live the Life Divine!!!

-Swami Chinmayananda, The Holy Geeta