Haridwar – A Portal to Universal Love

Krishna Sistla

This year, I have the privilege to be one of the editors for Hari Patrika, our annual magazine. In the process, I ended up reading all the submissions. I got to view and edit the art work submitted. I also had the chance to see and edit pictures from various events and acharya visits.  In summary I got a chance to view the entire year through a kaleidoscope. This left me with an overwhelming emotion of being part of an ocean of love.

In the prologue, you will see the love of our board members. Through their tireless efforts, no doubt inspired by Gurudev and Guruji, they brought Chinmaya Haridwar to the excellent position we are in.

In the Bala Patrika, you will see the love of our students for Ganesha, Lord Krishna and nature as a whole. Their art work demonstrates a deeper understanding of love.

In teachers reflections,  you will see the joy teachers feel as they teach and interact with the students. For balavihar teachers, their students are simply family.  Rameshji ended his message to graduates with a simple “I love you”. I cant think of many commencement speeches that end with the statement “I love you”.

Our graduating class makes us proud. We see their achievements as ours.  Alumni writings show that they felt loved. On a day when one of our alumni drops by, we feel a sense of joy.

Adult reflections show their deep understanding of vedanta, love for the Mission and their willingness to selflessly offer themselves to the greater cause of the Haridwar family.

So isn’t it clear?. This patrika is filled with what fills our Haridwar, Universal Love. Lord Krishna stands in the center of Haridwar, with a beautiful smile on his lips. His divine melody fills all our actions in Haridwar with love. An ocean of love  sorrounds and binds this community.  Love is offered freely with no expectations in return, just the way the Lord does.

Thanks to Pujya Gurudev’s vision, we have this gift of Haridwar. This center is truly our portal to Hari, our path to joining with Universal Love. It is a wellspring of hope, joy and love. May Lord Krishna and Gurudev forever bless this endevor of Universal Love.

Hope you will enjoy Hari Patrika as much as I did!