Bhakti Yoga as defined by the Lord and explained by Gurudev

Geetha Nathan

Chapter XII Bhagavad-Gita (From the commentary by Swami Chinmayanandaji):

When working in this world, without the sense of agency and enjoyment, the existing vasanas become exhausted and the ego gets eliminated. Thus awakening from the delusory projections of the ego, the individual attains the State of Pure Consciousness and comes to live thereafter the Eternal, Immortal State – THE KRISHNA STATE OF PERFECTION.

To synthesize the methods of Work, Devotion and Knowledge is at once the discipline of the body, mind and intellect.

Karma Yoga:  All disciplines PURSUED AT THE BODY LEVEL, in order to control the mind and turn it towards the ideal.

Bhakthi Yoga: All methods of channelizing emotions in order to DISCIPLINE THE MIND to contemplate upon the Higher.

Gnana Yoga: All study and reflection, detachment and meditation, PRACTISED AT THE INTELLECTUAL LEVEL, whereby the mind again is lifted to the realm of the silent experience of its own Infinitude.

To practice all the three during our life is to discipline all the three layers in us. Thus, the philosophy of total spiritual transformation of the perceiver, feeler and the thinker, all at once, is the truth made available to us by our Lord Krishna.