Baala Bhagavatam – 3rd Grade

Preeti Kashyap & Suma Krishnamurthy

3rd Grade Class 2018

The 3rd grade curriculum highlights important aspects of Bala Bhagavatham. Students started off the year with learning the names of the important 10 avatars of Vishnu. During each class we shared a story from Bhagavathgam with the class. Stories further highlighted the fact that Lord Vishnu’s avatars are not limited to 10. We covered Matsya, Kurma, Varaha, Vamana and Narasimha avatars in detail.

After opening prayers, we usually start off with chanting stotrams. By March of 2018 the students became well versed in Gurustotram and Dashavatarastoram. The students by the end of April requested to learn Madhurashtakam as well. We had the entire 3rd Grade students perform Gurustotram during assembly :).

We also did a variety of interesting projects with the students. We made them do word search which kept them focused for the remainder of the class.

Word Puzzle

We also got Usha Ramanujam, a lovely art teacher to help the students make two beautiful paintings as a group. These were signed and blessed by Vivekji during his visit to Portland for the Balavihar camp this year. This project was a big hit with the students.

Class Art Work in the holy sanctorum

We end the academic year and welcome 2018 summer by making special kites that are decorated by the kids.

Making Kites!

This year has been fun not only for the children but also the teachers.We had a very enthusiastic class that came with lots of questions along with beautiful smiles. As teachers we not only found it enriching to teach these lovely children but also very fulfilling to know them personally. Each one of them has a kind and fun loving soul within them. All of them showered us with their laughter, love and regard throughout this year.



Suma and Preeti