Hanuman the Superman – 2nd Grade

Radheka Godse & Kavitha Veerappan

Shri Hanuman The Super Superman visits 2nd Grade Balavihar class every sunday morning to help our children develop values with FUN to DELIGHT like MOON and SHINE bright like the SUN. Kavitha my co-teacher and i have grown within immensely with Chinmaya Balavihar making a positive contribution to society working on Inner Transformation of our children early in life that results in a ‘happy world’ around us! Come attend our Balavihar assembly at 9:20am to check this for a fact :). You will find our VANARSENA sitting in discipline crisscross and alert utilizing the metaphor of Hanumanji-s backbone ~ a strong backbone allows one to stand tall and erect, we humans also have a mental backbone that allows one to face and stay tall and erect under all circumstances. Children received the vitamins that help develop this mental backbone through 8 virtues that make one human to Hanuman via Hanumanji-s grace invoking this beautiful verse that is chanted daily at Sandeepany Sadhanalaya (College of Vedanta) since its inception by Pujya Gurudev:

॥ बुद्धिबलं यशोधैर्य निर्भयत्वं अरोगता अजाड्य वाक्पटुत्व च​ हनुमत् स्मरणाद् भवेत्॥

Buddhir-Balam Yashodhairyam Nirbhayatvam Arogata,
Ajadyam Vakpatutvam ca Hanumat Smaranad Bhavet.

Through the worship of Sri Hanuman, one will be blessed with budding (intelligence), balam (strength), yeshas (fame), dhairyam (Courage), nirbhayatvam (fearlessness), arogata ( free from diseases, good health), ajadyam (alertness), and vakpatutam (eloquence).

Over the year we have chanted and analyzed the 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa, and the 3 dohas learning there meaning in depth utilizing 43 verbs… so that it will be easier for the children to remember it and practice it through out their lives :). Each child is the owner of a book of Hanuman Chalisa. This children’s book has pictures that depict each verse and a simple meaning easy for them to understand. See below is our list of “Verbs” unique for each verse which are like a pointer for the kids to remember what each verse of Hanuman Chalisa teaches in a nutshell. These verbs are also being utilized at various Balavihar/Youth/Adult camps at various Chinmaya Mission Centers World Wide.

We bow down in reverence to the GuruShishyaParampara whic inspires us to strive to share that ~ only respecting something remains a value only, bringing it to LIFE makes it the VIRTUE.

Kavitha and i thank the Chinmaya Haridwar BV co-ordination team and parents for this opportunity to teach our children our rich culture.

2nd Grade Class of 2018