Giving back to our community

Kapil Varma

Two years ago, I, along with a few other high schoolers, came together to try to give back to our community. Though we’d been exposed to CORDUSA many times over the years through the CORD walks, our passion was really kicked into high gear when some of us visited CORD’s centers in rural India. Here, we were able to meet the people who CORDUSA was trying to help in person, and that ignited a spark within our souls. We started small that summer, just running two camps, a medical checkup and a LEGO Robotics camp. Both were extremely well received, so we began to meet over the course of the school year in order to better prepare for the next summer. Last summer, we ran two more camps in addition to the first two, a public speaking camp and a cooking camp. I ran the public speaking camp, and was motivated to work my hardest when I saw my students improving before my eyes. Not only did we teach valuable skills to our community’s youth, CORDUSA Youth was able to raise over $2000 for CORDUSA through summer camps last year alone. This year, we plan to expand our camp selection even further, and working out the details now. We’re also conducting two sessions of the Medical check up so that we can establish how our attendees’ vitals have changed over time.  As I am heading out to College this year, I am looking forward to coming back and contributing whenever I get a chance.