Monthly goodness arriving at Transition Centers

Sachin Pillai

As of this summer in 2018, we have completed the second year of Chinmaya Mission Portland’s Homeless Shelter Cooking Initiative. Led by parent volunteer Susha Pillai, participants in the 8th grade or older have the ability to participate in various activities around the kitchen, including preparing vegetables, cutting up carrots, or slow-cooking a large tub of tomato soup. Paired with the youth are several dedicated adult volunteers that help with not only cooking, but delivering and serving the food to the local shelter. Throughout the course of the year, we are so grateful for the many volunteers that have stepped up and taken it upon themselves to play an active role in servicing our community. Personally, dedicating several hours to selflessly cooking never failed to provide contentment. I always felt happy knowing that because of my actions, actual human beings would feel the positive impact and feel the support from the local folks in their community. To say the least, I’m proud that all of the hours have added up to create a truly tangible impact on those in society who need it most, not to mention the cooking skills I have gained and hope to develop before I go to college :). For those reading this, I really encourage you to play a part in this great service opportunity and realize the potential you have to grow not only internally, but to extend to the community around you. Thank you and Hari Om,
Sachin P.