Trinidad Trip Pre Registration

Swami Prakashanandaji’s visit in April 2024 brought an exciting invitation for us to journey together to Trinidad in November 2025, coinciding with Thanksgiving week. This is an incredible opportunity!

Trinidad, often dubbed the gem of the southern Caribbean, awaits us with its captivating beaches, ancient temples, and thrilling adventures. Join us for a group expedition where we’ll delve into new experiences, expand our horizons, and absorb knowledge that promises an unforgettable journey.

Our itinerary, which you can help plan by joining our team early, will be packed with visits to revered pilgrimage sites such as the “Temple in the Sea,” the towering 85-foot Hanumanji statue, and the serene Chinmaya ashram & Vidyalaya. These historical marvels not only offer breathtaking views but also narratives to ponder upon and insights to absorb.

As a finale to our adventure, we’ll trek up Tapovanam Hill, winding through the rainforest to reach the ashram at its peak. Traveling in Jeeps and pickup trucks, we’ll relish an incredible vista and experience.

With numerous sights to behold, ample moments for reflection, and a plethora of activities to engage in, this trip promises to be enriching in every way! As a crowning glory, Swami Prakashanandaji has offered to be there throughout the trip, conducting one Vedanta class in the morning and a Ramayana session in the evening for our spiritual upliftment.

To secure your spot, please complete the pre-registration process and submit an initial fee of $200 per person. Upon finalizing the trip’s planning, the remaining amount of $600 per person (totaling $800 per person) will be due. This fee encompasses accommodation, meals, and local transportation throughout the trip. Airfare is not included; you may choose to book your flights separately or explore group rate options with us.




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