About Us

Chinmaya Balavihar Program

Bala Vihar
From birth to 12th Grade,  we offer classes & activities based on the universal philosophy of Advaita Vedanta to achieve cultural sensitivity & awareness.
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Serving the community

From mentoring for English learners to neighborhood cleanup, we take up a leadership role in assisting those in need, in the community that we live in.
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Chinmaya Youth Program

CHYK Program
Our youth program aka Chinmaya Yuva Kendra (CHYK) dedicated to unleashing the potential of young individuals through vibrant spirituality & service.
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Adult Study Groups

Adult Study Groups
The study group syllabus was designed by Gurudev so that anyone could follow the curriculum systematically & advance their understanding.
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Chinmaya Swaranjali Group

Chinmaya Swaranjali (Choir) is the musical wing of Chinmaya Mission, we have a very active group, coming from all age groups and musical abilities.
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Chinmaya Hindi Program

Hindi Curriculum
The Chinmaya Mission Hindi classes are the best sought out classes for the Hindi language in Greater Portland area, offering to all levels of students!
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Chinmaya Mission

Alert and vigilant living itself is a ‘Sadhana’ in the true sense.
—Swami Chinmayananda

Chinmaya Haridwar – Who are we? a bird’s eye view (2021)

Chinmaya Mission was founded in 1953 by devotees of Swami Chinmayananda in India. They formed the nucleus of a movement of spiritual renaissance that now encompasses a wide range of spiritual, educational, and charitable activities, ennobling the lives of thousands in India and outside its shores. The Mission is administered by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust, Mumbai, headed by Swami Swaroopananda.

Following the teacher-taught tradition (guru-sisya parampara) since time immemorial, Chinmaya Mission makes available the ageless wisdom of Vedanta, the knowledge of the One Reality, and provides the tools to realize that wisdom in one’s own life. To give maximum happiness to the maximum number for the maximum time is the tenet that drives participants to uplift humanity beyond selfish and sectarian attitudes and activities. Each person’s gain is manifold: personal growth, heightened efficiency, contentment, and living in peace and harmony.

The overview of Chinmaya Mission, by Central Chinmaya Mission Trust

Chinmaya Mission Portland

It was the visit by Pujya Guruji Swami Tejomayanand to a devotee’s house in Portland sparked the establishment of Chinmaya Mission Portland. Please click this link to read more about the visit.

Initially, the Bala Vihar classes started with a handful of kids whose parents were devotees of Swami Chinmayananda and who had a strong faith in the principles taught by Gurudev. They felt that Bala Vihar classes will impart spiritual knowledge to their children. The classes were held in the homes of the participants. Then, as more and more kids joined the program, the classes moved to Beaverton Community Center, where the program was held for nearly 7 years. As the number of students who enrolled increased, the program moved to BAPS and then to Mittleman Jewish Community Center.  In 2014 June Pujya Guruji inaugurated our own center, Chinmaya Haridwar and we moved all our activities there.

Today, Chinmaya Mission Portland has well over a hundred families participating in the Study Groups and Bala Vihar programs. Chinmaya Mission Portland annual sponsors meet at Chinmaya Haridwar every Sunday at 9:20 AM. The center follows the Beaverton School District calendar for their class schedule. After the regular Bala Vihar and adult study groups, Yoga and Language classes take place. More details on these programs can be found in the corresponding links. Chinmaya Mission Portland also has a small library. They also have a book store where publications from Chinmaya Mission are available.

Chinmaya Mission Portland is run by dedicated volunteers. Volunteers perform the duties of teachers, administrators, janitors, and all other areas. Please read the following article about voluntarism / seva written by Param Pujya Gurudev Swami Chinmayananda.

About Chinmaya Mission Portland, The Mission, and The Vision – made by our Junior CHYK Gautam Varma (2009)


Murti Sthapana Mahotsav and the grand opening ceremony of Chinmaya Haridwar was from June 13th till June 17th 2014, presided by Pujya Guruji himself!  It is only the Lord’s and Pujya Gurudev’s grace that propelled us to do this within one year of Guruji giving us the name for our center.

Murti Sthapana by Pujya Guruji (2014), made by Krishnan Kolady.