Bala Vihar Curriculum

Chinmaya Balavihar

Bala Vihar
From birth to 12th Grade,  we offer classes & activities based on the universal philosophy of Advaita Vedanta to achieve cultural sensitivity & awareness.
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Hindi Curriculum

Hindi Curriculum
The Chinmaya Mission Hindi classes are the best sought out classes for the Hindi language in Greater Portland area, offering to all levels of students!
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Adult Study Groups

Adult Study Groups
The study group syllabus was designed by Gurudev so that anyone could follow the curriculum systematically & advance their understanding.
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Chinmaya Swaranjali

Chinmaya Swaranjali (Choir) is the musical wing of Chinmaya Mission, we have a very active group, coming from all age groups and musical abilities.
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Serving the community

From mentoring for English learners to neighborhood cleanup, we take up a leadership role in assisting those in need, in the community that we live in.
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Money comes and goes, a value comes and grows.
Give your children values, instead of valuables.
– Swami Chinmayananda

Meeting Place Chinmaya Haridwar
Meeting Time Sundays 9:20 AM during Academic Year
Academic year Labor Day through Father’s Day (Sept- June)
Bhagavad Gita Chapter 3 MP3 and PDF.
PLEASE NOTE: all classes are meeting in person

Grade Level Basic Curriculum Teachers
Infant – Pre-K
– Rm C1
(3527 downstairs)
Sights and Sounds of a Hindu
To be announced after classes start
Pre-K – Rm A1
(3515 downstairs)
One Lord so many forms
Action songs, Moral stories, coloring book
To be announced after classes start
(3563 downstairs)
The Alphabet Safari
The Chinmaya Mission Pledge
Shukolpa D& Sushma A
1st – Rm F1
(3575 downstairs)
Bala Ramayana
Supplement Reader: Bala Ramayanam
Amruta B &
Ambili R
2nd – Rm E2
(3563 upstairs)
Sri Hanuman, the Super Man
Supplement Reader: Hanuman Chalisa
Meera N & Ravisankar S
3rd – Rm C2
(3515 upstairs)
Bala Bhagavatam
Supplement Reader: Bala Bhagavatam
Aru M,
Shashi K & Dhananjay R
4th – Rm D2
(3551 upstairs)
Krishna Krishna everywhere
My 24 Teachers
Supplement Reader: Chinmaya Bala Katha books
Usha C &
Sunitha N
5th – Rm F2
(3575 upstairs)
Symbolism in Hinduism
Supplement Reader: Symbolism in Hinduism
Kavitha V, Bhaskar R & Deepthi P
6th – Rm B2
(3527 upstairs)
India, the Sacred Land
Supplement Reader: Awakening Indians to India
Rajashree K &
Ravi AB
7th – Rm D3
(3551 upstairs)
PO Box MR. God Preeti K,
Suma K & Uma S
 8th – Rm A2
(3527 upstairs)
Yato Dharma Tato Jaya
Supplement Reader: Mahabharatha Characters Workbook
Shyam V,
Sudhir N & Usha R
9th – Rm B3
(3539 upstairs)
Bhagawad Gita 1-9
Supplement Reader: Holy Gita
Krishna S,
Tanya A & Aparna E
10th – Rm C3
(3539 upstairs)
Bhagawad Gita 10-18
Supplement Reader: Holy Gita
Naveen G & TK R
11th – Rm E3
(3563 upstairs)
Self Unfoldment (Part 1)
Supplement Reader: Self Unfoldment
Krishnan K &
Avinash K
12th – Rm B1
(3539 downstairs)
Self Unfoldment (Part 2)
Supplement Reader: Self Unfoldment
Easwar S &
Kalpana K
Vedic Chanting Class
(After Bala Vihar)
Rm F2
(3575 upstairs)
Learn Vedic Chanting
Supplement Reader: Chinmaya book of Vedic Chants
Ramkumar V
Swaranjali Class
(Before Bala Vihar)
Rm F1
(3575 downstairs)
Chinmaya Choir Shubhashree V, Suma K & Pratibha N
Bala Vihar Substitute Teachers Ganesh K & Praveen G (HS)
Arunima M (MS)
Raji C, Lalita P & Asha P (ES)
Bala Vihar Coordinators Veena D & Shyam V

We are an all-volunteer organization.  If you are interested in teaching Bala Vihar, please fill out the sponsorship form and let us know of your interest.  Curriculum material will be provided to you and you will receive training from experienced teachers.

Our activity calendar is listed here. Please make sure to check often to see what is coming up next, and please let us know how you can help.