Hari Patrika article submission before 4/30/2024

Date & Time: Draft sumission due before April 30, 2024
How: Submit draft using this form
Typical Hari Patrika Elements:

Foreword from our Gurus, Board & Editor:

A thoughtful introduction from our revered Gurus and the Board, setting the tone for the yearbook. Reflections on the role as an editor in assembling the 2023-2024 edition of Hari Patrika this year.

Photos & Artwork:

A cherished collection of group snapshots and artwork, thoughtfully organized by class or grade, accompanied by heartfelt notes from the respective teachers.

Behind the Scenes:

A tribute to the unsung heroes – the dedicated volunteers who contribute tirelessly to the seamless operation of our organization. Let’s recognize and appreciate the hard work of the many hands that ensure nobody is left behind.

Community Service Chronicles:

Showcasing the vibrant humanitarian work connected with Chinmaya Mission & CORDUSA. Dynamic action shots and amusing episodes capture the spirit of our active community service initiatives.

Vedanta Milestones:

A glance at the pivotal Bala Vihar & Study Group happenings, innovative projects, and significant achievements throughout the academic calendar.

Tribute to Graduating Seniors:

A special section dedicated to our 12th graders, encapsulating cherished memories through childhood photos, senior accolades, and aspirations for the future.

Candid Captures:

Unplanned moments that encapsulate the essence of Chinmaya Mission, featuring students and parents sharing their likes, and future aspirations, or recounting humorous incidents from the school year.

Memorable Events:

An in-depth exploration of notable events at Chinmaya Mission Portland, including festivals, programs, energizing pep rallies, enlightening field excursions, and other monumental occurrences.


Please utilize this form to submit your draft entries for inclusion in the Hari Patrika yearbook. Ensure that your submissions are closely related to Chinmaya Mission activities. Following the review, detailed articles, artworks, or photos may be requested. Please be aware that we retain the right to accept or reject entries based on the submitted drafts.

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