Hatha Yoga In Person Class

Location: Chinmaya Haridwar” 3551 NE John Olsen Ave
Signup Required

The spirit of advaita is not to keep away from anything, but to keep in tune with everything.
– Swami Chinmayananda

Hari OM!

In-person classes will be conducted at

Please signup the waiver below every week so that we know if we have the critical mass for the class. And you must get your own yoga mat for the class.

Please come in 5 mins before class as we will start our class right on time. Please do not have any food intake for 2 hours before the class as it will interfere with asana and pranayama practice. The rough schedule for the class is as follows:

45 minutes – Yoga Philosophy
15 minures – Pranayama
55 minutes – Asana
20 minutes – Yoga Nidra/Meditation

In Chinmaya Seva,

Chinmaya Mission Portland Yoga Coordinator


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    Waiver and Release

    In consideration of my family’s participation in the above program, I hereby, for myself and my family, waive and release Chinmaya Mission and its officers, trustees, volunteers, and participants, and all other persons participating in the program, or involved in planning or execution of the program, from all liability or claims arising from any injury to myself, my family or my property. This release shall include, without limitation, all claims for negligence, and shall exclude only claims for willful injury, which exclusion for willful shall extend only to the person committing willful injury and not to any other person. I assert that my family’s participation in Chinmaya Mission activities is voluntary and that I knowingly assume all risks associated, whether such risks are known or unknown to me at this time. I hereby give permission for my family to have their picture/video taken while participating in activities associated with Chinmaya Mission. Said pictures/videos become the sole property of Chinmaya Mission and will be used only for recruiting/information-sharing purposes.